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We are a learning management company focused on quality and affordability.

What Is Happening?

Acquiring Material

Multiple purchases.

Acquiring Material

We are constantly purchashing material to evaluate for use in our applications. Not everything is relevant to today's latest exams. We have to sort through a mountain of material to give our customers the highest quality study material.

Recording Content

Record the highest quality content.

Recording Content

We spend countless days sifting through material to develop the highest quality content. Users can also incorproate their own content into our applications.

Customer Feedback

Incorporate user fedback.

Customer Feedback

Without you we wouldn't exist. We take pride in using customer feedback to improve our applications. Feel free to send your comments, suggestions, and ideas for new applications or content.

Persistance is a mile marker on the path to knowledge.

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Our products are crafted to fulfill your needs.

Consistent Interface

We build our applications using a standard interface to ensure a consistent user experience. Using our applications is an effortless and intuitive process.

Review Questions

Questions can be marked for review and referred to at a later time.

Industry Standard Design

Our applications follow standard Android design guidelines. We test our applications on multiple device form factors.

User Content Customization

Users have complete control in customizing the content of our applications. Questions can be added, edited, and removed.


Users can add notes to questions.

Carefully Crafted

We aim to design quality & affordable applications. We work hard to keep our content accurate and applicable to the most recent exams.

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We love hearing from our customers. Please let us know how we are doing and how we can improve. If you would like us to create an exam prepration app that is not in our portfolio then please let us know.